About Us

Founded in 2005 in historic Fairhaven, Washington, Sirena Gelato was started by our family to strive to produce the highest quality product.  In 2011, we opened our second location in beautiful downtown Kirkland, Washington.

Keeping with tradition, our gelato is made with milk instead of heavy cream, resulting in less fat and calories than traditional ice cream.  Gelato also contains less air content than ice cream and is not frozen as deeply, resulting in a denser texture.

Chocolate Gelato

The Italian name, Sirena, translates into “mermaid” in English.  During Classical times, legend has it that beautiful mermaids would sing enchantingly from the depth.  Nowadays, Sirena still entice those on an adventure near the water for a delicious treat!

You may have noticed that while many people know and love Sirena Gelato, you rarely see any advertisements in local media. We prefer to use those dollars for direct giving through community events with gift cards for local non-profits, schools, charities and educational groups.  We receive hundreds of donation requests from wonderful people in our communities, and we are happy to help.